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-====== Videos ====== 
-===== How to Metrologically Confirm (a.k.a. "​calibrate"​) Vernier, Dial or Digital Calipers ===== 
-This video (from Ruby Metrology) shows user's how to check or verify Vernier, Dial and/or Digital Calipers performance (wear pattern of OD jaws, ID jaws, Depth & Step Parameters) by using Multi-function,​ Multi-dimensional Length Standard Quick Check. All sides of Quick Check are usable. 
-{{ :​articles:​caliper_calibration.mp4 |}} 
-===== Standard Work Audits ===== 
-A great video from Patrick Adams (CEO of [[https://​findleansolutions.com|PA Consulting Services LLC]]). Patrick is a MBA, Lean Coach, Six Sigma Black Belt from Allendale, Michigan. 
-{{ :​articles:​patrick_adams-standard_work_audits.mp4 |}} 
-I visited one company where a critical process underwent a Standard Work Audit every hour... performed by a different member of the team working in that process (the auditor role was rotated amongst the team). While ISO 9001 & AS 9100 auditors might question the "​impartiality"​ of the "​auditor"​ performing the Standard Work Audit, none of the "​auditors"​ ever audited their own work. Instead, this approach was, essentially,​ a "buddy audit" (or "​associate audit"​) approach. This ensured that the entire team was "on the same page" in understanding the process.