BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) - Modern Flowcharting

In case you're not heard, BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) has replaced the antiquated, traditional flow charts. BPMN allows for more sophisticated modeling - such as using “AND” & “AND/OR symbols and much more.

For example, the BPMN diagram below is a “Audit Process Diagram-High Level”. I created in about 15 minutes using the free (open source) “Camunda Modeler” diagraming software is available from: https://camunda.com/download/modeler/

Created using “Camunda Modeler”

Once you learn what the symbols mean, these are super easy to create.

For example, the “Hand” inside a Task box means that it is a manual task WITHOUT using a computer. The “User” (Person) symbol means that a computer was used… such as typing a report. The diamond symbol with an “X” is an “exclusive” OR point. The colors are optional.

The “Camunda Modeler” is highly intuitive and easy to use. AND it includes both BPMN and DMN (Decision Model Notation)

Where BPMN is used for modeling business processes (like a traditional flow chart), DMN is used to model repeatable decisions within organizations. BPMN & DMN are considered complimentary.

Video Tutorials

Check out these short videos (which actually focus on the web-based version, but the desktop version works the exact same way):

BPMN Tutorial - Part 01: Simple BPMN Process in 3 min

BPMN Tutorial - Part 02: XOR Gateway in 4 min

BPMN Tutorial - Part 03: Parallel Gateway in 5 min

BPMN Tutorial - Part 04: Pools and Lanes in 2 min

BPMN Tutorial - Part 05: Message Events in 4 min

There are a TON of other BPMN tutorial videos from other people.

Also, a free symbol “reference” is here: https://camunda.com/bpmn/reference/