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 ==== Proactive Process Improvement ==== ==== Proactive Process Improvement ====
-It should come as no surprise that those companies with the most "​corrective actions"​ (often incorrectly issued for "​common cause" variations) have __never__ performed a process ​[[https://​asq.org/​quality-resources/​fmea|"Failure Mode and Effects Analysis" ​(FMEA)]]... ​or FMECA ("Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis"). So, in reality, one could assert that the true "root cause" of __many__ ​process ​nonconformities was actually a lack in properly planning ​the process to begin with.+Because ​"​common cause" variations ​are inherent to the existing ​process, these variations can only be eliminated by significantly ​"modifying" or "re-designing" the existing ​process. The most effective process improvement activities are realized through applying ​the Lean Six Sigma concepts & methodologies.
-A significant number of "common cause" ​variations can be addressed ​and eliminated when planning ​(designinga processOr otherwise ​"re-designing" ​an existing process. The most effective process improvement activities are realized through applying the Lean Six Sigma concepts & methodologies.+As a process is being "modified" ​or "​re-designed",​ one of the best tools to use is the [[https://​asq.org/​quality-resources/​fmea|"​Failure Mode and Effects Analysis" ​(FMEA)]]... or FMECA ("Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis").