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 +{{ :​rpg9k_book_cover.jpg?​nolink|}}
 +====== Reader Reviews ======
 +Praise for [[http://​www.mypearsonstore.com/​bookstore/​randalls-practical-guide-to-iso-9000-implementation-9780201633795|Randall'​s Practical Guide to ISO 9000]]:
 +//"I encourage not only quality professionals,​ but students, business professionals,​ and anyone with an interest in quality system development to purchase this book.  Randall'​s book breaks down in a practical way how to use the most important quality system of this generation."//​ \\
 +~ James P. O'Neil \\
 +President \\
 +ITS Intertek Services Corp. \\
 +//"​Randall'​s Practical Guide to ISO 9000 thoroughly explains philosophies and techniques to implementing a successful quality system. It is a valuable resource for the quality professional throughout the third party registration process and beyond."//​ \\
 +~ Stephen J. Marquedant \\
 +President \\
 +[[http://​www.nqa-usa.com/​|National Quality Assurance USA, Inc.]] \\
 +//"​Randall'​s Practical Guide to ISO 9000 is one of the best discussions of the subject I have seen. It will give any interested person a thorough understanding of ISO 9000 and also of the separate but related topic of third party registration."//​ \\
 +~ Radley M. Smith \\
 +Director, Automotive Sector \\
 +KPMG Peat Marwick Quality Registrar \\
 +//"​Randall'​s Practical Guide to ISO 9000 served as the principle cornerstone in developing our plan for successful ISO 9001 Certification in United Airline'​s Engine Maintenance Division. The "​Guide"​ was easily understood and most useful to our many Business Units in achieving compliance to the standards."//​ \\
 +~ Frederick F. Mohr \\
 +General Manager \\
 +Engine Maintenance \\
 +[[http://​unitedtechops.com/​|United Airlines]] \\
 +//"The text provides an extremely useful perspective on ISO 9000. The material is especially well written. Features such as time bombs are going to provide tremendous assistance to corporate QA professionals charged with assisting their organizations in preparing for ISO registration audits. ​ I think Randall'​s text is an outstanding resource for any organization seeking ISO registration."//​ \\
 +~ Lawrence S. Aft \\
 +Professor \\
 +Industrial Engineering Technology \\
 +Southern College of Technology \\
 +//"​This book is a useful handbook for practicing quality systems auditors, quality consultants,​ and to any employee of organizations who are seeking to implement ISO 9000, or any other quality system for that matter. I will have no hesitation in recommending [this book] to colleagues and clients alike."//​ \\
 +~ David J. Hughes \\
 +Managing Director \\
 +Lead Assessor, Lead Auditor \\
 +Quality Partnerships Limited \\
 +Staffordshire,​ England \\
 +//"I found the material thorough and comprehensive. It may well become the standard for the application of ISO 9000. It is easy to read and interesting. ​ I find that the author seems to have captured the essence of the change to ISO very effectively."//​ \\
 +~ Edwin Shecter \\
 +Management Consultant \\
 +Total Quality Resources \\
 +//"​Being newly introduced to ISO 9000 and given the task to create a conforming quality system at the same time, I found that Randall'​s Practical Guide to ISO 9000 turned what would have been an impossible task, for me, into a extraordinary learning experience. I'm not only proud of the results of our quality system but excited about quality itself. For this I praise Richard Randall and his guidance and recommend his book to all who are even slightly interested in ISO."//​ \\
 +~ Brian Fowler \\
 +Process Improvement Manager \\
 +Bell Microproducts - TradeMark Computer Systems Division \\
 +//"My overall impression of the book is that it is a uniquely useful tool to be used for ISO 9000 implementation. It is amazingly easy to read and follow, and I especially like the "​Questions to be asked by the Registrar"​ sections."//​ \\
 +~ Rhonda Fiske \\
 +Quality Manager \\
 +[[http://​www.trulinemfg.com/​|Tru-Line Manufacturing,​ Inc.]] \\
 +//"​Randall'​s Practical Guide to ISO 9000 is a no nonsense guide to the registration process and its implications for a company. It's understandable,​ easy to read, and will be an invaluable tool for any company choosing the daunting but ultimately rewarding journey toward ISO 9000 quality systems registration."//​ \\
 +~ Mark Morrow \\
 +Quality Systems Update Newsletter \\