Contracted Quality Director / Manager

Many micro (≤10 employees) and small (11-50 employees) companies cannot justify the expense of a full-time Quality Director/Manager. And, in most cases, only need a part-time quality professional to oversee their quality management system. So rather than over-burden an existing employee (with little or no quality experience) with those added responsibilities, it often makes sense to hire a contracted Quality Director/Manager for use as-needed.


According to (1/22), an average Quality Assurance Director in the United States earns up to $116k annually. And experienced Quality Control Directors in the United States earn up to $166k annually.

Understanding the challenges of managing a business, and the need for operational flexibility, Randall offers more cost-effective Contracted Quality Director / Manager services to fulfill the responsibilities of that role until such time as a full-time Quality Director / Manager can be justified.

Using a contracted Quality Director / Manager at $10-15k for QMS (Quality Management System) implementation, followed by approx. $4-6k per year for ongoing maintenance provides significant cost savings to a small business.

Normal Tasks/Responsibilities of a Quality Director / Manager

Public Domain Image. Obtained from These responsibilities typically include tasks such as:

  • Develop and implement a formal Quality Management System (QMS),
  • Develop and implement a Document Control / Knowledge Management System (KMS),*
  • Train employees in their responsibilities relating to the QMS,*
  • Develop a Supplier Management System for evaluating, qualifying, and managing suppliers),*
  • Develop and implement a calibration management system (for any measuring and monitoring equipment used),*
  • Develop and report on Quality Objectives / Goals that indicate the effectiveness of each process in meeting quality requirements,*
  • Perform Internal Audits to verify compliance with the Quality Management System,*
  • Develop and implement an operational risk management system (e.g., utilizing Process FMEAs),
  • Host Management Reviews of the Quality Management System,*
  • Manage the Corrective Action process,*
  • Achieve ISO 9001 / AS9100 quality system certification or ISO 17020 / ISO 17025 accreditation (as determined necessary by management),
  • Maintain a quality management system that consistently produces measurable improvements (e.g., through implementing LEAN SixSigma (LSS) management techniques/tools).

* required by ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 17020, ISO 17025, etc.

With over 2 decades of experience in Quality Management (e.g., ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 17020, ISO 17025), Richard Randall has Quality industry expertise to implement these systems quickly, efficiently, and within strict budgets. And after implementation, he can maintain them cost-effectively.