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 [[:​articles:​small_pocket|The “Voice of the Customer”… and the small pocket on jeans]] [[:​articles:​small_pocket|The “Voice of the Customer”… and the small pocket on jeans]]
 +[[:​articles:​nist_traceability|NIST Traceability Numbers - The Sasquatch of Metrology]]
 +[[:​articles:​optimizing_calibration_intervals|Optimizing Calibration Intervals]]
 +[[:​articles:​Calipers-advantages_and_disadvantages|Calipers:​ Advantages and Disadvantages of the 3 types]]
 +[[:​articles:​triz_application|Continuous Improvement... and TRIZ]]
 +====== Videos ======
 +===== How to Metrologically Confirm (a.k.a. "​calibrate"​) Vernier, Dial or Digital Calipers =====
 +This video (from Ruby Metrology) shows user's how to check or verify Vernier, Dial and/or Digital Calipers performance (wear pattern of OD jaws, ID jaws, Depth & Step Parameters) by using Multi-function,​ Multi-dimensional Length Standard Quick Check. All sides of Quick Check are usable.
 +{{ :​articles:​caliper_calibration.mp4 |}}