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Risk Assessment Bubble Chart (created by the Process Risk Management template (Excel))

Process Risk Management template (Excel)
The “Process Risk Management template (Excel)” is based on the guidance provided from ISO 31000:2009, “Risk management — Principles and guidelines”. Identify up to 9 risks in a process. Then assign a point score (0-100) for the likelihood (probability) and “Consequences” (Impact) of each risk. These two scores (“Likelihood” and “Consequences”) will automatically be added to produce a “Risk Level” (between 1 and 200). And the “Bubble” chart will automatically update; reflecting the “Risk Level” both in location and size of the bubbles. The template also includes a “Risk Treatment Plan” (as per ISO 31000:2009, section 5.5). This template includes instructions for its use.

"Calibration Recall" template Excel (5-5-2018)

Calibration Recall template screenshot

"Calibration Recall" template Excel (5-5-2018)
This simple Excel-based “Calibration Recall” template is designed for small companies (with under 150 instruments under calibration control) to comply with ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D. It uses Color-coded “Conditional Cell Formatting” for visual management.