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-====== Helpful Links & Downloads ​======+====== Helpful Links ======
 ===== AS9100 (Aerospace) ===== ===== AS9100 (Aerospace) =====
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 [[https://​www.sae.org/​iaqg/​|International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG)]] [[https://​www.sae.org/​iaqg/​|International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG)]]
-[[https://​www.sae.org/​iaqgdb/oasishelp/iaqgresolutionslog.pdf|IAQG ​OPMT ICOP Resolutions Log]]+[[https://​www.sae.org/​iaqg/projects/9100-2016_clarification_table.pdf|IAQG ​"​Official"​ AS 9100:2016 Series Clarifications]]
-[[http://www.sae.org/servlets/registration?​PORTAL_CODE=IAQG&​OBJECT_PKG=iaqg.businessClasses&​OBJECT_TYPE=SCMHGeneral&​PAGE=gotoSCMH|IAQG Supply Chain Management Handbook ​(SCMH)]]+[[https://iaqg.org/wp-content/uploads/​2019/​10/​9104-001_faq.pdf|AS 9104-001 Frequently Asked Questions ​(FAQLog]]
-[[http://​www.sae.org/​iaqg/​forms/​index.htm | SAE forms for AS9100D, AS9102 (FAIRs), 9104-002, 9145 (PPAP Approval)]] ​\\ +[[https://​oasishelp.iaqg.org/​wp-content/​uploads/​2017/​02/​iaqgresolutionslog.pdf?​1584628078601|IAQG OPMT ICOP Resolutions Log (Primarily for CBs & AS9100 Auditors)]] 
-or \\ + 
-[[https://​www.sae.org/​aaqg/​publications/​ | AAQG Publications (inclForms for AS9100D & AS9102B (FAIRs))]]+[[https://​www.sae.org/​servlets/​registration?​PORTAL_CODE=IAQG&​OBJECT_PKG=iaqg.businessClasses&​OBJECT_TYPE=SCMHGeneral&​PAGE=getSCMHBOOK|IAQG Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH)]] 
 +[[https://​www.sae.org/​servlets/​registration?​PORTAL_CODE=IAQG&​OBJECT_PKG=iaqg.businessClasses&​OBJECT_TYPE=SCMHGeneral&​PAGE=getSCMHBOOK&​vgenNum=1222&​scmhs=1|IAQG Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH) Webinars]] 
 +[[http://​www.sae.org/​iaqg/​forms/​index.htm | SAE forms for AS9100D, AS9102 (FAIRs), 9104-002, 9145 (PPAP Approval)]] 
 +[[https://​www.sae.org/​aaqg/​publications/​ | AAQG Publications (e.g., support materials)]] 
 +[[https://​aesq.sae-itc.com/​content/​aesq-documents|AESQ™ Supplementary Materials (e.g., 8D template, FMEA template)]]
 ===== ISO 9001 ===== ===== ISO 9001 =====
 [[http://​isotc.iso.org/​livelink/​livelink/​open/​tc176SC2public|ISO TC/176/SC2 Home Page]] [[http://​isotc.iso.org/​livelink/​livelink/​open/​tc176SC2public|ISO TC/176/SC2 Home Page]]
 +[[https://​committee.iso.org/​files/​live/​sites/​tc176sc2/​files/​documents/​Interpretations/​ISO9001_2015_Approved_Interpretations.doc|Official ISO 9001:2015 Inerpretations from ISO TC/​176/​SC2]]
 [[https://​asq.org/​quality-resources/​iso-9001/​us-tc176|Official "US Interpretations of ISO 9001" (from ASQ)]] [[https://​asq.org/​quality-resources/​iso-9001/​us-tc176|Official "US Interpretations of ISO 9001" (from ASQ)]]
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 {{ :​iso_9001_interpretations_request_form_n691.docx |ISO 9001 Interpretations Request Form N691.docx}} {{ :​iso_9001_interpretations_request_form_n691.docx |ISO 9001 Interpretations Request Form N691.docx}}
-[[https://​committee.iso.org/​sites/​tc176sc2/home/page/​iso-9001-auditing-practices-grou.html | ISO 9001 Auditing Practices Group]] ​+[[https://​committee.iso.org/​home/​tc176/​iso-9001-auditing-practices-group.html | ISO 9001 Auditing Practices Group]] ​
 OR [[http://​isotc.iso.org/​livelink/​livelink?​func=ll&​objId=3541460|ISO 9001 Auditing Practices Group]] OR [[http://​isotc.iso.org/​livelink/​livelink?​func=ll&​objId=3541460|ISO 9001 Auditing Practices Group]]
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 [[http://​www.iaf.nu/​upFiles/​IAF9001expectedoutcomes0112.pdf | Expected Outcomes for Accredited Certification to ISO 9001 (IAF Publication)]] [[http://​www.iaf.nu/​upFiles/​IAF9001expectedoutcomes0112.pdf | Expected Outcomes for Accredited Certification to ISO 9001 (IAF Publication)]]
-[[flowchartFlowcharting Symbology ​Conventions]] (Based upon [[https://​www.iso.org/standard/11955.html|ISO 5807:1985]])+===== ISO 17025 ===== 
 +[[https://​isotc.iso.org/​livelink/​livelink?​func=ll&​objId=19812745&​objAction=browse&​viewType=1|Clarifications on ISO/IEC 17025-requirements for laboratories]] \\ 
 +The above link is to the "​official"​ ISO site providing "​Clarifications on ISO/IEC 17025-requirements for laboratories"​. For convenience,​ I've combined all of the "​official"​ ISO 17025:2017 clarifications from ISO (as of January 2020) into a single {{ :​clarification_requests_on_iso_iec_17025-2017.zip | zipped file}}. 
 +[[https://​european-accreditation.org/​information-center/​ea-publications/#​application-documents|European Accreditation - Application documents]] \\ 
 +Following the above link, navigate to the "​Application documents"​ folder, and then to the "​Documents to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189 - Laboratories"​ subfolder. In that subfolder, you will find several documents pertinent to ISO 17025. The most pertinent may be "​EA-4/​23 INF - The Assessment and Accreditation of Opinions and Interpretations using ISO/IEC 17025:​2017"​. 
 +==== Metrology ==== 
 +[[https://​www.nist.gov/​pml/​weights-and-measures/​laboratory-metrology/​good-laboratory-practices | NIST OWM (Office of Weights and Measures) "Good Laboratory Practices"​ ]] 
 +[[https://​www.nist.gov/​pml/​weights-and-measures/​laboratory-metrology/​good-measurement-practices | NIST OWM (Office of Weights and Measures) "Good Measurement Practices"​ ]] 
 +[[https://​www.nist.gov/​pml/​weights-and-measures/​laboratory-metrology/standard-operating-procedures | NIST OWM (Office of Weights and Measures) "​Standard Operating Procedures"​ ]] 
 +[[https://www.nist.gov/​pml/​weights-and-measures/​laboratory-metrology/​proficiency-testing | NIST OWM (Office of Weights and Measures) "​Proficiency Testing"​ ]] 
 +[[http://​www.isobudgets.com ​| ISO Budgets (Rick Hogan)]] 
 +===== Glossaries ===== 
 +[[https://​www.sae.org/​iaqg/​dictionary/​|IAQG International Dictionary]] 
 +[[https://​www.law.cornell.edu/​cfr/​text/​14/​5.5|14 CFR (Chapter I - Federal Aviation Administration§ 5.5 - Definitions]] 
 +[[https://​www.law.cornell.edu/​cfr/​text/​14/​401.5|14 CFR (Chapter III - Commercial Space Transportation) § 401.5 - Definitions]] 
 +[[https://​asq.org/​quality-resources/​quality-glossary|ASQ "​Quality Glossary"​]] 
 +[[https://​www.dau.edu/​glossary/​Pages/​Glossary.aspx|Defense Acquisition University (DAU) "​Glossary of Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms"​]] 
 +[[http://​std.iec.ch/​terms/​terms.nsf/​welcome|International Electrotechnical Commission 
 +[[https://​www.iso.org/​obp/​ui|ISO Online Browsing Platform "Terms & Definitions"​]] 
 +[[https://​www.iso.org/​files/​live/​sites/​isoorg/​files/​standards/​docs/​en/​terminology-ISO9000-family.pdf|Glossary – Guidance on selected words used in the ISO 9000 family of standards (PDF)]]
 ===== General Quality Tools & Templates ===== ===== General Quality Tools & Templates =====
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 +===== Process Flowcharting =====
 +[[https://​www.omg.org/​spec/​BPMN/​|"​Business Process Model and Notation"​ (BPMN™) Standard]]
 +[[https://​www.bpmnquickguide.com/​view-bpmn-quick-guide/​|BPMN Quick Guide]]
 +[[flowchart| Flowcharting Symbology / Conventions]] (Based upon [[https://​www.iso.org/​standard/​11955.html|ISO 5807:​1985]])
 +Note 1: While still valid, ISO 5807:1985 is extremely antiquated. Preference should be given to using the "​Business Process Model and Notation"​ (BPMN™) standard for flowcharting your processes.
 +Note 2: The suite of BPMN symbols is included in all major flowcharting software programs (e.g., [[https://​www.edrawsoft.com|EDraw]],​ [[https://​products.office.com/​en-us/​visio/​flowchart-software|Visio]]). Also, everal free and/or inexpensive online Flowcharting applications are available, such as:
 +  * [[https://​cawemo.com|Cawemo]]
 +  * [[https://​www.gliffy.com|Gliffy]]
 +  * [[https://​www.lucidchart.com|LucidChart]]
 ===== QMS / EMS Certification ===== ===== QMS / EMS Certification =====
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 [[https://​www.easycalculation.com/​statistics/​dppm-calculator.php | DPPM Calculator]] (from EasyCalculation.com) [[https://​www.easycalculation.com/​statistics/​dppm-calculator.php | DPPM Calculator]] (from EasyCalculation.com)
-===== Metrology ===== 
-[[http://​www.isobudgets.com | ISO Budgets (Rick Hogan)]] +===== Business Continuity Planning (BCP) =====
-===== Sources for Standards ​=====+
-[[http://everyspec.com|EverySpec.com (Premiere source for free downloads of U.S. government ​and military ​standards, specifications,​ handbooks, ​and documents)]]+The “best” industry standard for BCP is: \\ 
 +NFPA 1600, "//​Standard on Continuity, Emergency, and Crisis Management//"​ (2019 Edition) \\ 
-[[http://www.documentweb.org|Standard Store (Over 180,000 discount priced Standards)]]+While NFPA 1600 has been //influenced//​ by ISO for many yearsit still remains superior to ISO 22301 in many ways (see below).
-===== Downloads =====+Although a government standard, another very good standard is: \\ 
 +NIST Special Publication 800-34 Rev. 1, "//​Contingency Planning Guide for Federal Information Systems//"​ \\ 
-==== "SWOT & Strategic Risk Assessment Bubble Chart" ​template ​in Excel (8-12-2018) ==== +While ISO has produced ISO 22301, ​"//Societal security — Business continuity management systems — Requirements//​", once you dig through all of the required Annex L nonsense.. and the laughable incompetence of the authors, there are only a few gems buried ​in it. Similarly, ANSI/ASIS ORM.1-2017, "//​Security And Resilience In Organizations And Their Supply Chains ​Requirements With Guidance//"​ addresses this topic as well (although the ASIS_SPC.1-2009 version was better in some regards). However, it is too similar to ISO 22301 to be of any real value.
-[{{:​swot_and_strategic_risk_analysis-template-excel-8-12-2018_screenshot.png?​nolink&​600|SWOT & Strategic Risk Assessment Bubble Chart (Excel)}}]+
-<WRAP clear><​/WRAP> +Ultimately, any company would be FAR better off simply purchasing a copy of [[https://www.amazon.com/​dp/​1118326830/​ref=rdr_ext_tmb|“Business Continuity For Dummies”]] ​(which is actually quite goodthan either ​of these two standards.
-{{ :​swot_and_strategic_risk_analysis-template-excel-8-12-2018.xlsx |SWOT & Strategic Risk Assessment Bubble Chart (Excel)}} \\ +
-The "SWOT & Strategic Risk Assessment Bubble Chart" template (Excel)" ​is based on the guidance provided from ISO 31000:2018, "Risk management — Principles and guidelines"​. Use the SWOT to help identify up to 9 strategic risks. Then assign a point score (0-10) for the likelihood (probability) and "​Consequences"​ (Impact) of each risk. These two scores ("​Likelihood"​ and "​Consequences"​) will automatically be added to produce a "Risk Level" (between 1 and 10). And the "​Bubble"​ chart will automatically update; reflecting the "Risk Level" both in location and size of the bubbles. The template also includes a "Risk Treatment Plan" (as per ISO 31000:2009, section 6.4). This template includes instructions for its use.+
-==== "Process Risk Assessment Bubble Chart" ​template in Excel (8-12-2018) ==== +You may note that NFPA 1600, "//Standard on Continuity, Emergency, and Crisis Management//​" (2019 Edition), Annex E, integrates the requirements of NFPA 1600 with ISO Annex SL. This was done to promote integration with existing ISO Management System Standards... and is "//​intended to be adopted by the entity at its discretion//"​. Ultimately, this simply aligns common topics such as document control, corrective action, etc.  
-[{{:​process_risk_management-bubble_chart_template-excel-8-12-2018_screenshot.png?​nolink&​600 |Process Strategic Risk Assessment Bubble Chart (Excel)}}]+===== Sources for Standards =====
-<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​ +[[http://everyspec.com|EverySpec.com (Premiere source ​for free downloads ​of U.Sgovernment ​and military standardsspecifications,​ handbooks, and documents)]]
-[{{ :process_risk_management-bubble_chart_template-excel-8-12-2018.xlsx?​linkonly ​|Process Risk Assessment Bubble Chart (Excel)}} \\ +
-The "​Process Risk Assessment Bubble Chart" template (Excel)"​ is based on the guidance provided from ISO 31000:2018, "Risk management — Principles and guidelines"​Identify up to 9 risks in a process. Then assign a point score (0-5) for the likelihood (probability) and "​Consequences"​ (Impact) ​of each riskThese two scores ("​Likelihood"​ and "​Consequences"​) will automatically be added to produce a "Risk Level" (between 1 and 10)And the "​Bubble"​ chart will automatically update; reflecting the "Risk Level" both in location ​and size of the bubbles. The template also includes a "Risk Treatment Plan" (as per ISO 31000:2018section 6.4). This template includes instructions for its use.+
-==== "​Calibration Recall"​ template Excel (5-5-2018) ==== +[[http://www.documentweb.org|Standard Store (Over 180,000 discount priced Standards)]]
- +
-{{:calibration_recall_screenshot.png?​direct&​600 |Calibration Recall template screenshot}} +
-<WRAP clear><​/WRAP> +
-{{ :​calibration_recall_template-excel-5-5-2018.xls |"​Calibration Recall"​ template Excel (5-5-2018)}} \\ +
-This simple Excel-based "​Calibration Recall"​ template is designed for small companies (with under 150 instruments under calibration control) to comply with ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D. It uses Color-coded "​Conditional Cell Formatting"​ for visual management. ​+
-==== "​DPMO-Sigma-Yield-Cpk Conversion Table Wallpaper"​ (1920x1080) ==== 
-[{{:dpmo-sigma_conversion_wallpaper.png?​direct&​600 |"​DPMO-Sigma-Yield-Cpk Conversion Table Wallpaper"​ (1920x1080)}}] +[[https://nso.nato.int/nso/​nsdd/​listpromulg.html|NATO Standards ​(e.g., AQAPs, ARAMP-01ALogP series)]]
-<WRAP clear><​/WRAP> +
-{{:​dpmo-sigma_conversion_wallpaper.png?​linkonly ​|"​DPMO-Sigma-Yield-Cpk Conversion Table Wallpaper" ​(1920x1080)}} \\ +
-This is a "DPMO-Sigma-Yield-Cpk Conversion Table" with a black backgroundsuitable for use as computer desktop wallpaper. The PNG image provides a quick reference to convert Yields to DPMOs to Sigma levels (Short Term & Long Termas well as Cpk. This chart covers a range of 3.50 to 6.00 Sigma Short Term (Z<​sub>​ST</​sub>​). And the row at 4.00 Sigma Short Term (Z<​sub>​ST</​sub>​) is highlighted in light green to indicate a minimum acceptable process capability of 1.33 Cpk.+