What We Do...

We provide part-time, contracted “Quality Specialists” who manage every aspect of your ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9120, ISO 13485, and/or ISO 27001 implementation, including interacting with the Certification Body (CB). We can do this because, unlike consultants who simply provide suggestions or recommendations, we actively become integral members of your team.

Image obtained from https://pixabay.com/illustrations/rubber-stamp-certificate-certified-5392963/ As a member of your team we…

  • develop and maintain all the required documentation (procedures, flowcharts, forms),
  • ensure that all of the required records are being correctly generated and retained,
  • ensure that your employees are aware of any new requirements in their area,
  • prepare your employees on how to answer questions from the auditor,
  • perform and record the required internal quality audits,
  • host & record the required management reviews,
  • coordinate selection of the best accredited Certification Body (CB) for your needs,
  • coordinate with the CB to ensure that your company quickly, smoothly, and efficiently achieves ISO 9001, AS9100, or AS9120 certification,
  • host the certification audits, ensuring that the auditor can easily verify how your company complies with the standard through being the designated “guide” for the auditor(s), assisting them:
    • in locating the required documentation, and records, and,
    • introducing them to the employees that they will need to interview,
  • quickly respond to any issues identified by the auditor(s), and
  • continue to support your company in maintaining that certification during the annual audits from the CB.

Our clients are typically ready for a certification audit within 8 – 12 weeks.

Our team will be with you every step of the way. Depending on your needs, our team provides on-site and/or remote/virtual support services.

100% of our clients achieve certification on their first attempt.

After you're Certified...

Once your company is certified (or if your company is already certified) we can support your company in maintaining that certification by:

  • planning and performing the required internal quality audits,
  • performing the required management reviews, and
  • hosting the certification audits as your Quality Specialist.

We provide you with “peace of mind” that your QMS (Quality Management System) certification will be consistently maintained for as long as needed. We’ll be with you now and into the future. When a standard is revised, our team will make the required changes to the QMS for your business to stay in compliance.

Our Value Proposition

According to PayScale.com (12/23), a Quality Assurance Director in the United States earns an average base salary of $120,815 (without considering FICA tax (7.65% of Salary – approx. $9,140) + benefits). The high end of this salary range is $170k ($184k after Bonuses and profit Sharing). With every member of my team having over a decade of direct experience in quality and the certification process, each would easily qualify for the high end of this scale.

Due to their extensive knowledge, skills, and experience, our team members can accomplish QMS implementation and take your company through the certification process with far greater efficiency and speed at only a fraction (typically less than 20%) of what a full-time, premium Quality Assurance Director would cost your business.

Our service brings the expertise of these premium quality professionals within reach of small and medium-sized companies that simply cannot justify the expense of a full-time, experienced Quality Assurance Director.

Also, much of the QMS development can be performed remotely/virtually.

For AS91xx ✈️ companies, we may be able to achieve greater savings by implementing all of the requirements to obtain a low overall “risk rating” under the “Organization Certification Analysis Process (OCAP)”.

The DIY Trap

Many micro (≤10 employees) and small (11-50 employees) companies underestimate the work required to implement ISO 9001 / AS9100 or AS9120 and try to save money by utilizing existing personnel with little or no knowledge, skills, and experience in these standards or the certification process. This leads to lengthy and inefficient implementations… which overburdens these employees whose primary job experiences a loss in efficiency. Managers often respond to this by hiring a consultant… who trains the employee. However, due to the consultant “assisting” rather than taking ownership of developing and implementing the QMS, the time delays are extended… leading to further loss of potential contracts.

As these employees are attempting to learn about the standards and struggle to implement them, the business is losing potential contracts… ultimately leading to an extremely expensive implementation (costing them more in the long run).

Public Domain Image. Obtained from http://www.clker.com/clipart-puzzle-no-background.html

While medium-sized companies (51-500 employees) typically have a formal QMS in place, they often lack personnel with the knowledge, skills, and experience to efficiently manage the QMS “Certification Process”. This leads to Quality personnel sacrificing time from their day-to-day activities (and your customers) to learn about the standard(s) and the certification process (often learned through trial and error). Once the Certification is achieved, the existing Quality staff will continue to be distracted from their day-to-day activities when preparing for the annual 3rd Party Audits.

Source: https://www.pngrepo.com/svg/85966/road-with-broken-line If you’re ready for a path forward now…
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100% of our clients achieve certification on their first attempt.

This means that no CB has ever required a “follow-up” or “special” audit for any of our clients prior to being issued their certification.

We provide you with “peace of mind” that we'll take care of QMS certification!